A confederation of 7 emirates, United Arab Emirates came into existence in 1971. The country achieved miraculous progress under visionary leadership and in a short span of three decades has become a trendsetter for all the oil based economies. The UAE's strategic geographic location, with the Indian sub continent to the east, GCC countries, East Mediterranean and North Africa to the west, Iran and CIS republics to the north and East / South Africa to the south make it an ideal distribution  hub for this region.

The UAE's gross domestic product grew by nearly 12 per cent this year, to Dh424 billion, up from last year's Dh379 billion, according to the latest government statistics. The UAE has come to the forefront as one of the leading world economies and a unique hub for attracting international investments that reflects the existence of investment-friendly environment on one side, and availability of multi-purpose investment opportunities on the other side.

The World Investment Report 2005, issued by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad) has rated the UAE 22nd among the best-performing world economies regarding the ability and potential to attract foreign direct investment.

The country started to utilize its oil and gas revenues as a means of developing other economic sectors and establishes a solid industrial base, which is now paying dividends

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 Dubai - The Commercial capital of the UAE

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